Classic Land Rovers for Sale Scotland

Williams Classics are a family-run business, specialising in restored and original classic Land Rovers within Scotland. Their restorations are something of a work of art, through the expertise of a father and son team that possess decades of combined experience and knowledge within the area.
The Land Rover is the perfect example of British design and craftsmanship. Since its launch in 1948, Land Rover has provided its fans with model after model of reliable utility vehicles. Land Rover is now a much-loved brand across the entire globe, thanks to its remarkable design and reliability.
Williams Classics have an unmistakable passion for the restoration of Land Rovers, using their knowledge and expertise to bring classic vehicles back to their former glory within Scotland and a range of regions within the UK.

The wild and natural landscapes of Scotland make it the perfect place to get the most out of a Land Rover, and truly allow it to thrive.

With agriculture being the main land use in Scotland, and being vital to the rural communities, there is no better vehicle than a Land Rover for those within the farming industry, for both practical and personal uses.

Owning a piece of British history and craftsmanship with a restored Land Rover in Scotland is made somewhat easy thanks to Williams Classics.

Their impressive range of restored Land Rovers features models dating all the way back from 1948, and up to 1990.

Williams Classics offer free valuations on your classic vehicles, which can help with insurance purposes as well as giving you an up-to-date market price for your vehicle.