Land Rover Series 1 Hose Double Wire Clips 1948-54 (Complete Set)


Land Rover Series 1 Double Wire Clips (Complete Set) 1948-1954

This set is suitable for the 1600cc and 2 litre Siamese bore engine as fitted to the 80inch and early 86inch.

The clips are zinc plated and lacquered to a very high standard, they have been manufactured by the original Land Rover Supplier!! They are not copies made in China and so have high corrosion resistance.

These clips will finish off any quality restoration.


There are 14 clips per set and are as follows:


Land Rover Part Number


50320             x2              Inlet elbow

50315              x4              Radiator Hoses

50303              x4             Clip for air filter to rocker cover

232992            x1              Clip for fixing airfilter together

50330              x1              Bottom of elbow to carburettor

50328              x1              Elbow to connecting tube (first clip)

50323              x1              Rubber elbow to connecting tube (second clip)

Some sizes have been reviewed for a better fit see new pictures.

U.K. buyers only! Worldwide shipping on request.

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These clips can be purchase through eBay.