Land Rover Series 2, 2a and 3 Double Wire Clips 1959-1985 (Complete Petrol Set)


Land Rover Series 1 Double Wire Clips (Complete Set) 1959-1985

This set is suitable for the petrol 2.25 litre engine as fitted to the Series 2, 2a and 3.

The clips are zinc plated and lacquered to a very high standard, they have been manufactured by the original Land Rover Supplier!! They are not copies made in China and so have high corrosion resistance.
There are 10 clips in total 9 are double wire clips and one is a genuine Jubilee clip like the original, a double wire clip will not fit due to the carburettor elbow being oval.

These clips will finish off any quality restoration.


There are 10 clips per set and are as follows:


Land Rover Part Number

GHC 913     x4     Radiator Hoses

594753        x1      Air Filter to rubber pipe

279653 (Jubilee) x1  Rubber pipe (517903) to carb elbow.

603897       x2      Rubber pipe from carb to air filter two clips.

GHC 913     x2     Hose clip for by-pass pipe

U.K. buyers only! Worldwide shipping on request.

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These clips can be purchase through eBay.