Land Rover Series 1 Breather Hose Set & Double Wire Clips 1948-51 217577 232651


This set is suitable for the 1600cc engine as fitted to the 80inch from 1948-1951.

We have had these hoses specially made to replace the no longer available originals.

They are British made and have been produced with old Dunlop Tooling and so are to the same specification as the originals.

There are 4 double wire clips, 1 x breather hose short elbow 217577, 1 x breather hose long to rocker cover 232651.


217577        Breather hose short, elbow to crankcase breather.

232651        Breather hose long, connecting tube to rocker cover.

The clips are zinc plated and lacquered to a very high standard, they have been manufactured by the original Land Rover Supplier!! They are not copies made in China and so have high corrosion resistance.

These clips will finish off any quality restoration.

There are 4 clips per set and are as follows:

Land Rover Part Number

50303  x4      Clip for rubber connections.

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