Land Rover Series 1 1958 109" Pickup with Station Wagon Roof


Land Rover Series 1 1958 109" Pickup

Original UK vehicle with current V5C, registered UDF 304.

This is a 1958 model year 109" Pickup the chassis number is 121800281. A previous owner has fitted/made this roof using an original Station Wagon roof and home made side panels. We do have an original truck cab roof which will be offered first to the buyer of the vehicle and will be available for separate negotiation.

The vehicle itself is in relatively original condition and is unmolested it is fitted with a 2 litre Spreadbore engine which is the correct type for the vehicle. The engine does run when fed direct to the fuel pump from a jerry can. A new exhaust system has been fitted which includes bolt on exhaust heat shields.

The chassis and bulkhead do need extensive repairs however a new bulkhead can be purchased for £1,200. This vehicle would be suitable for a full restoration or a mechanical and structural restoration and then the bodywork could be left alone and go back on the vehicle, retaining an original patina look whilst driving like a fully restored vehicle.

The last owner has owned the vehicle since 2014 previously to that the keeper before owned it from 1983 so it has been in long term ownership spanning 31 years. Only 3 owners are recorded on the log book it is probably more due to the change over from the Buff log book.

We also have a original RHD 1955 107" Pickup with it's original registration number and V5C present for restoration which will be available shortly.

Any questions please don't hesitate to contact Miles on 078255 87155.

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