1951 Land Rover Series 1 80" JUY


JUY 196 is a early 1951 80" with the chassis number 16100385 making it the 385th 1951 model year off the production line. It was registered in September 1950 and carries it's original Worcestershire number. It is the more desirable lights through the grille model.

At this time the vehicles were changed to wide front springs it still retains it's original permanent four wheel drive gearbox. In this case the yellow knob is only to engage four wheel drive in reverse like a early ring pull box. So a rare gearbox which we have had refurbished. It has a later siamese bore 2 litre engine fitted. The chassis is in very good condition and has only had welding on the front dumb irons and a piece on the rear crossmember. It is one of the best we have seen on a vehicle that hasn't been restored. The rear body is also very good it is straight inside and hasn't been painted underneath the same as it left the factory.

To summarise JUY is a very good vehicle that retains it's original axles and gearbox. The body work is all original apart from a later passenger door. It is a very complete vehicle and retains many key features such as the bakelite horn push, clocks, switches etc.

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