Land Rover Series 1 80" Hardtop 1951 Project Last Owner for 40 Years


Land Rover Series 1 80" 1951 Lights Through the Grille Project

Same family ownership for over 40 years. This would make a fantastic restoration project and comes complete with the modern V5c and all other previous log books. The vehicle retains it's lovely original number JTM 225. The vehicle has spent most of it's life in Sheffield in Holmesfield, Dronfield.

The original matching number 1600 cc engine is still fitted to the vehicle. When the vehicle came into our care it had not run for many years however the engine did turn freely. After a couple of hours spent cleaning the points, plugs and fuel system and a new battery we got the vehicle running and it runs remarkably well, there is no smoke and it runs really sweet. This will make a great project. We have even had the vehicle driving under it's own steam. A video can be forwarded to any interested party to show the vehicle running. The vehicle is also fitted with a fairey overdrive which are proving to be much more difficult to find a lot more valuable.

Originally the side lights would have been on the bulkhead but small plates have been made to cover the holes and the side lights were moved to the front wings this was a typical modification. This can easily be corrected during restoration. The lights through the grille model looks great.

The vehicle is even fitted with very rare Dunlop Trakgrip T29 Tyres, although showing signs of cracking it is still nice to see them fitted to a vehicle. The hardtop roof is also in good condition. The bulkhead will require restoration work but is most definitely salvageable, the chassis will also require some repairs but is far better than others that we have seen, especially given that the vehicle is now 66 years old. This vehicle in our opinion would recommission as a usable vehicle or would make a perfect donor vehicle for restoration. Not many good honest projects come on the market let alone a vehicle with 1 family owner for the last 40 plus years.

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