Land Rover Series 1 86" Pickup 1954 Great Restoration Project


Land Rover Series 1 86" Pickup 1954 Project

This is an early 86" with the correct 2 litre Siamese bore engine which was carried over from 80" production.

First registered 23rd September 1954. The vehicle has been in the Hertfordshire area all it's life. Mr J Howes & Son had owned the vehicle from 1968 until 2016 a remarkable 48 years. The longer term ownership has most definitely contributed to the vehicle's overall condition today. This would make a fantastic restoration project and comes complete with the modern V5c and all other previous log books including the buff log book. The vehicle retains it's lovely original number TAR 304. The clock is showing 21,277 miles and the dash is scratched with 21,113 we believe this is possibly when the vehicle was last serviced as the engine oil is very clean. Although the mileage can't be supported we wouldn't be surprised if the mileage isn't far wrong. The vehicle has been off the road since 1991 and dry stored.

The original spec 1997 cc engine is still fitted to the vehicle. When the vehicle came into our care it had not run for many years however the engine did turn freely with good compression. After a couple of hours spent cleaning the points, plugs and fuel system and a new battery we got the vehicle running and it runs remarkably well, there is no smoke and it runs well. The vehicle can be shown running to any potential buyer. This will make a great project. The bulkhead and chassis are in remarkably good condition given the vehicles age and there is a majority of the original black paint on the chassis. Welding will be required however not as much as on some projects.

All the bodywork is correct and original. The original radiator is date stamped May 1954 and some of the wheels are July 1954 making this a original and unmolested example. Nothing has been removed from the vehicle and it is a great restoration project as everything is there to start with.

This vehicle in our opinion would recommission in original condition or would make a perfect donor vehicle for restoration. Not many good honest UK projects come on the market especially that include the original documentation and registration number.

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