Land Rover Series 3 88" 1978 Hardtop


Land Rover Series 3 88" 1978 Hardtop with Catflap

AYB 617S – 1978 Land Rover Series 3 Hardtop first registered 24th April 1978

AYB is in one of the most iconic colour combinations for a 1970's Series 3, Marine Blue with the Limestone Wheels and hardtop it looks fantastic. With the added benefit of a catflap and tailgate the vehicle can easily be converted to a softop for summer use and returned to a hardtop for the winter months. Making this very practical and giving you the best of both worlds. Should the buyer wish the vehicle can be supplied with the correct hoodsticks and canvas.

The vehicle also benefits from an overdrive which is a huge benefit and the unit is very quiet.

AYB has benefited in recent years from lots of mechanical and cosmetic work this includes, new swivels, new leaf springs, shock absorbers, new steering parts, alternator, starter motor, new doors and door tops so all the windows open, all the window channels are new and not rusted away as so often is the case. The vehicle has also had a new heater matrix which will make the vehicle nice and warm during these winter months.

The bodywork on AYB is very straight given the vehicles age. The vehicle has previously benefited from a sympathetic respray, please do not expect the vehicle to be absolutely perfect.

The interior has benefited from new front seats and matching rear bench seats. Fitted with front mats the footwells have been professionally replaced and so there is no concern for future work.

The load area is exceptionally clean and doesn't show any sights of heavy use and is presented with a rubber mat and a pair of rear bench seats.

AYB 617S has one of the best original engine bays we have seen on a Series 3, extremely clean with original stickers still in place. The petrol engine fires up and drives very well there is no smoke and the vehicle has lots of power and drives very well due to all the mechanical work that has been done. The block still has it’s original paint as does the head.

The factory fitted engine busts into life on the turn of the key. It is apparent that this is a vehicle that has been maintained and covered low mileage it runs as quiet and smooth as any Series Land Rover that we have ever had.

A joy to drive and such fun, the vehicle will have a full 12-month MOT from the day of sale. Four wheel drive and low range engage, as they should. The gears change up and down as they should it has a very quiet gearbox which is a good sign of it's light use over the years. It will be supplied fully serviced including engine, filter, main gearbox, transfer box, overdrive, diffs ad swivels.

Almost all Series Land Rovers we have had drip a little oil, some quite a lot, AYB is the exception though no drips of oil to speak of even after standing for days in the same place. The steering is as it should be and the vehicle doesn't wonder on the road like some series vehicles do. All the tyres are in good condition.

This is a very honest 40-year-old Series Land Rover. You will have to go a long way to find a better vehicle.

Any trail or inspection welcome, Credit and debit cards accepted, Delivery can also be arranged, P/X welcome, Any enquires please call 01745 798681 or 078255 87155.

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