Land Rover Series 3 88" County Station Wagon Great Condition


Land Rover Series 3 88" Genuine County Station Wagon.

A81 DPH - First registered 5th October 1983.

The Land Rover comes complete with a very extensive service history there are lots of previous mots dating back to 1994 were the vehicle had only covered 48,000 miles. Previous invoices show that no expense has been spent over the years in maintaining the vehicle.

To find an unmolested example has become very hard, but to find one that has only covered ninety-eight thousand miles, retains all of its original panels, its original chassis, engine, gearbox and interior.


The original factory fitted cloth front seat backs are in good condition as are the bases except for a small tear on one of the bases, they have never been replaced and are the original and have become very hard to source. Therefore finding a vehicle which has a complete interior is very rare.

The rear seats are in very good condition and are fitted with individual lap belts there are also three seat belts in the front.

Door cards to the front doors are original factory items and are complete and are in great condition. Sun visors that are perfect. As is the headlining. An exmoor trim carpet set as been fitted to finish off the interior. The spare wheel is mounted in the back when the seats are not in use.

The dash is unmarked with no cracks or sun damage.

A Radio has never been fitted and so the dashboard has been left unmolested. All windows open, all the window channels are good and have been replaced. The original triplex glass is still present and is in good condition.


One of the best original engine bays we have seen on a Series 3, extremely clean with original stickers still in place. The original 2.25 petrol engine runs very well.

Original paint to engine block which has the later 5 bearing crank and so is a very smooth and powerful engine.


The factory fitted engine busts into life on the turn of the key. It is apparent that this is a vehicle that has been maintained and covered low mileage it runs as quiet and smooth as any Series Land Rover that we have ever had.

A joy to drive and such fun, the vehicle's mot expires in September 2017. Four wheel drive and low range engage, as they should. The gears change up and down as they should it has a very quiet gearbox which is a good sign of it's light use over the years. It will be supplied fully serviced including engine, oil filter, main gearbox, transfer box, overdrive, diffs and the swivels.


This is an unmolested and original Series 3 County Station Wagon in very good condition. All the numbers match - the chassis numbers on the plates are the same as on the log book registration document and that stamped on the chassis itself.

This is one of the best low mileage and original Series 3 we have seen. In a very rare colour combination not many vehicle were made like this.

This Land Rover has obviously been cared for and cherished by its previous owners.

What you see is what you get. Please do not expect absolutely pristine as the vehicle is 34 years old. However, you will have to go a long way to find a better vehicle.

The original county stripes can be fitted to the vehicle, we have left this option open for the buyer as the stripes aren't to everybody's taste.


Low mileage, history, condition, and originality will contribute greatly to the value of any classic. Anybody can restore a Land Rover to a certain standard however you can't make anymore-original low mileage vehicles and so for that reason these vehicles are becoming increasingly harder to find and so any opportunity to buy one shouldn't be missed.

Opportunities to purchase a genuine county station wagon don't often come up so please don't miss this one.

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