Classic Land Rovers for Sale Cheshire

Williams Classics are a provider of beautifully restored classic Land Rovers in Chester. With decades of expertise and a true passion for the restoration of classic vehicles, Williams Classics aim to provide the best quality classic Land Rovers for those within Cheshire.
Land Rover is a truly iconic British brand, with a flourishing history which has spanned almost 70 years. Within this time, Land Rover has provided not only the UK, but the whole world with reliable and sturdy vehicles that are ideal for both practical and personal uses.

The Land Rover brand was granted a Royal Warrant in 1951, and has grown from strength to strength in regards to both the vehicle development and technological advancements within every vehicle.

Despite modern advancements, many appreciate the look of classic Land Rovers, with their instantly recognisable ruggedness and reputation for being incredibly reliable.

Williams Classics have recently restored a classic 1949 model, which is clear evidence of the resilience of these vehicles.

Through their decades of interest and true devotion to these iconic vehicles, the Williams Classics father and son duo have dedicated their life to restoring Land Rovers back to their original beauty, and have gained an unrivalled amount of knowledge about the restoration of this renowned brand.

They personally undertake each restoration themselves, so they can provide those who live within Cheshire with a Land Rover to be proud of.

The county of Cheshire is surrounded by rural land, with many of the villages supporting agricultural industries – the perfect setting for a Land Rover to be fully experienced, whether it’s for work or pleasure.

When it comes to restored Land Rovers in Cheshire, Williams Classics are the very best in the field, for both their restoration work and their extensive knowledge of the Land Rover brand.

If you’re looking for an up-to-date market price on your classic vehicles, Williams Classics also offer free valuations.