Classic Land Rovers for Sale Northumberland

For restored classic Land Rovers for sale within Northumberland, Williams Classics should be your first choice.
Their range of restored vehicles date from early 1948 Land Rover models right through to those from the current day, allowing you to choose the perfect Land Rover model to suit your needs.

An unmistakably British company, Land Rover first launched in 1948, and has since become a renowned name across the world. Once designed simply to be used as a practical utility vehicle, the Land Rover can be seen driven by those from all walks of life, due to their timeless and unmistakable design which so many admire.

Whether you’ll be using your Land Rover for practical or personal uses, the rural landscapes of Northumberland are excellent to enjoy a ride within it.

Williams Classics comprises of a father-son duo who use their years of passion and interest in Land Rovers to provide Northumberland with brilliantly restored classic Land Rovers which are suitable for a variety of purposes.

The expertise and passion of Williams Classics is evident through their skilled restorations.

Williams Classics want to ensure that those living within Northumberland can enjoy these vehicles as much as they do, and have dedicated their life to expertly restoring classic Land Rovers.

Each restoration from Williams Classics is undertaken with, hours of work put into each one to ensure that you drive away in an excellently restored Land Rover.