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Various Land Rover Restoration Projects

See below a list of available vehicles. We also have other Series 2's and 3's available which we be listed shortly.

Land Rover Series 1 107" Tray Back Australian Restoration Project £8,500
Land Rover Series 2 88" 1958 Model Number 86 Made VVR 10 Registration Number £4,995
Land Rover Series 1 86" 1955 Station Wagon VYJ 777 £7,500

Land Rover Series 1 107" Station Wagon Ex Factory Vehicle Royal VUE 826 £14,995

On offer is a rare Land Rover Series 1 Long Wheel Base Station Wagon. This particular vehicle was first registered to the Land Rover factory. Where the vehicle could be a press car, used as a demonstrator, a test vehicle or for VIP services.

The vehicle still retains its original registration number VUE 826. The vehicle is registered on a new style V5 logbook.

This vehicle was used for VIP transport, both at Solihull and events such as the Grand Prix at Silverstone. I quote from the Series 1 club magazine called the legend in the 100th edition in December 1999. Where the vehicle was one of 3 Station Wagons with Prince Philip.

Press Recall: Richard Hughes purchased the Rover press vehicle TWD 713 from Dale Radford late last year and has been busy researching its history. Recently he visited its original owner. Gethin Bradley who was Rover's press officer in the 1950s and remembers TWD fondly. He used her as his wedding car in March 1956 & then on honeymoon in Cornwall. The vehicle ran well with the exception of a break down whilst leaving the wedding reception, Tim Slessor & other friends from Oxford-Cambridge Overland trip had played with the engine - forcing Gethin to carry out repairs whilst in his dinner suit!

The new vehicle caused interest with locals in Cornwall but had to be driven carefully to run the engine in before TWD was released to the press.

Gethin regularly used TWD whilst Rover owned her between 1956 &'60. the Station Wagons were often used for VIP transport, both at Solihull & events such as theGrand Prix at Silverstone. Richard recently found a pictureof 3 SWs with Prince Philip. (The vehicles were Paul van Ackers SNX 547. VUE 826 & a third unidentifiable).Gethin also remembers transporting the Wilks brothers around the factory in TWD whilst they planned a forthcoming VIP visit.

The vehicle is overall in very good condition and both the chassis and bulkhead are very solid. The engine is in the back of the vehicle along with lots of other parts. The vehicle retains lots of its original check finish interior. This will make a great project as it is all complete and all the rare and unique parts are present. The vehicle was original grey and lots of the original paint is on the inside of the vehicle.

Please enquire on 01745 798681 for more information.

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