Land Rover Series 1 86" 1953 Pre Production Station Wagon Project


Land Rover Series 1 86" 1953 Pre Production Station Wagon Project

Built 31st August 1953 and then despatched 8th September 1953. The vehicle however wasn't registered until 1st October 1954.

What it was used for in this first 12 months remains a mystery perhaps it was a demonstrator or a show vehicle for the factory. It was then sold into North Wales and registered LCA 86 which there is believed to be a link with Maurice Wilks having a holiday home in Anglesey and him building up good relationships with local dealers in North Wales and so lots of ex factory vehicles were sold off to dealers in North Wales. The registration number is perfect as the vehicle is an 86" wheel base model. The Station Wagon is pre production number 2. The second 86" Station Wagon vehicle built. When the Land Rover left the factory it had the roof removed and a standard hardtop fitted this was due to Land Rover not releasing the new Station Wagon until later on in the year. It has never been a soft top model as the cappings that hold the hoodsticks down still remain un-drilled and filled with galvanising. Another notable early feature is that the chassis number is stamped upside down on the front dumb iron, this is thought to have been due to the first 86" being hand built, instead of on the production line. The chap who stamped the chassis couldn't be bothered to bend over to stamp it properly and so just stamped it the wrong way up. Making this a very interesting vehicle indeed.

The vehicle comes complete with an additional correct early 2 vent Station Wagon roof. There is also a complete set of 4 fold down individual seats complete with brackets for the rear. We have sourced the correct 2 litre Siamese bore engine for the vehicle which will also be included in the sale. All the hard to find parts to put the vehicle back as a station wagon are now present.

The original buff style log book and present V5C are in the history file along with many other receipts. This vehicle has been in our own private collection for the last 3 years, due to other station wagons and on going projects we have decided to part with this one and we can't see it being completed in the near future. It will make a great restoration project the chassis is in very good condition and has had work done previously as the vehicle was last taxed in 2010.

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