Land Rover Series 2, 2a and 3 Double Wire Clips 1959-1985 (Complete Diesel Set)


Land Rover Series 1 Double Wire Clips (Complete Diesel Set) 1959-1985

This set is suitable for the diesel 2.25 litre engine as fitted to the Series 2, 2a and 3.

The clips are zinc plated and lacquered to a very high standard, they have been manufactured by the original Land Rover Supplier!! They are not copies made in China and so have high corrosion resistance.
There are 8 clips in total all are double wire clip.

These clips will finish off any quality restoration.


There are 8 clips per set and are as follows:


Land Rover Part Number

GHC 913 x4 Radiator Hoses

594753 x2 Air Filter to rubber pipe

GHC 913 x2 Hose clip for by-pass pipe (Diesel same)

Sorry I don’t have any pictures of a 2.25 Diesel but these clips are the same part numbers as the 2.25 petrol and so will be a good fit.


U.K. buyers only! Worldwide shipping on request.

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Also 2.25 petrol clips.


These clips can be purchase through eBay.